Scan Hopper News - 7/16/09

The CD is now for sale at CD Baby, one of the most popular sites for independent music in the world. It's available in physical CD form and also MP3 if you so choose. Check it out.

It should be available for download at iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, Amazon and some other places shortly.

Also, if you are interested in buying the album directly from the artist for the same price, I would be glad to accommodate that as well. Just drop me a line at


The band rehearsals are going great. Expect shows soon, perhaps starting around the first of September.


Also, though it's not a review, here's the first ever blurb about Scan Hopper, from the website of End of an Ear, a great local independent music store:

Scan Hopper "s/t" CD New local release, mostly one-man band bedroom recordings aiming somewhere between Elliott Smith and Flaming Lips.

Partially right...though it was actually recorded in a living room. And though the Elliott/Lips thing is interesting...I'd say it mainly holds true for just the 2nd half of "The Bureaucrat". But a good shot at a description I suppose.


Follow-up album progress - composition 100% done; lyrics 55% done; arrangement completion percentage impossible to calculate as of now. Still on track to be done by year's end.

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